My Black Story


By Eric Grajeda

In the early centuries the n-word was used by people to epithet blacks into slavery. The n-word was part of racism in America which had no constitutional amendments for dark skinned people. Furthermore, the n-word was used exclusively by Europeans for demonetization purposes until the late 1960’s. The controversies continued around the word yet some blacks thought it was cool to use it in their daily vocabulary. The Last Poets were one of the first music groups to influence the use of the n-word in hip hop. Then came Nigga’s With Attitude, but both used the word to protest against white supremacy. Blacks didn’t have much in society, so songs were being produced to use words as weapons. Nevertheless, the generations that were raised in the slavery years didn’t respect people who used the n-word nor did they like individuals who didn’t know their history. A civil war broke out among the nations in dialect especially within the black communities. Today the n-word is used heavily on rap music yet conscious people feel that they are discriminated. The word disturbs the peace nor does it bring any unity to the races. I think that the n-word should be banned in hip hop.

While, out of control the n-word should be banned because it is a dirty word similar to profanity. All over the country you can hear the echoes of the n-word being used. People with power are trying to ban the word in the business to obtain self-respect. Equally important, the Hip Hop Summit Action Network operated by Dr. Ben Chavis and Russell Simmons thinks the word is out of control. Record Companies have a responsibility to delete obscene words in their music. Similar the organization is not proud of what they do because of the profanity. The n-word should be banned because it distorts their professional image in society. Respected individuals will not broadcast such conduct of shame, nor do they like the troublesome of staying in business. The profanity is out of control while parents with children are listening to the music. Also, the n-word is not educational for the families or people who have an interest in hip hop. People feel dirty about the music they hear yet are complaining to ban the word. The polluted n-word leaves negative thought on people. Another, reason to ban the usage in rap music is because the word means slavery, pain and death. The redress of the community that rule consider that word offensive, yet it is hidden in the music. Nevertheless, people want to exercise the restraint they have since it affects their freedom. The denigrating brings fear to the people who listen to such sound. In general individuals should have some direction over what they hear.

Still a reason why the n-word should be banned from hip hop music is because it is dangerously used in society. Many people live in threat by the nature of the word. In the documentary film called The N-word Divided We Stand, the comparison of the nigga as a product of racism is used to cause injury to profit from society. Furthermore, the film takes us in history where the coon figures are unsafe, yet arrogant. People who use such words are associated with bad conduct. The psychology of the word in hip hop should be banned because it is a liability. However, the revived n-word has many blacks caught in a new reality. A number of Professors claim that it is dangerous to use the n-word in society. An example is Randall Kennedy from Harvard University. The law instructor teaches the negative effects of the n-word in vocabulary for music or in practice. People might perceive the individual to be as hazardously or racist as the word. Subsequently, the disgraceful action brings no class citizens to court. The frequent usage causes harm to the people in American yet it shows disrespect to the public. The word should be banned to protect people from harm.

A final reason why the n-word should be banned is because other people outside of the black race are using the word. The process makes people think that slavery never existed, yet disrespecting black culture. Uneducated individuals can’t fathom what it is to be a nigga. As a result, in New York Councilman Leroy Comrie sponsors a bill along with other municipalities in several states to ban the n-word. He argues individuals are using the expression out of order. Hence, the creation of using the word in a sentence distorts the value of Black History Month. This upset’s people like Comrie who value tradition. The usage creates problem for people who fought to produce a month for blacks in American life. The power of the word has no function or benefit except to individuals that practice such vocabulary. Another, interesting survey done by Stanford University students in Palo Alto, California, claim that hip hop is an excuse for other races to use the n-word. Europeans know better than to use that word since slavery ended. The word should be banned so people won’t get the wrong logic about past events. Nevertheless, John Singleton a Movie Director asserts, that other races that are not black are influence by the media and what others do. Europeans think that it is all right to call them nigga since they are using it themselves. This is an unacceptable effect on the black community, yet they will feel more respected in society by not doing so.

Consequently, the n-word should be banned from hip hop music because it is an ugly syllable with much controversy, yet history. I don’t think there is a right way to use the word, but an advice to those who want to use the word responsibly is not using the word at all. No one will be offended yet the vibe will be more positive for people. Therefore, not broadcasting such material would bring more respect to people. Editing the virulent word from hip hop will make people focus on other things. This hateful action I recommend for people who finds themselves in trouble with the law, or making too much money from the n- word in their music. Alternatively, my thoughts of banning the n-word will not bring a negative effect on people. They should come up with new words to supplement their saying. A better advice to help people use the n-word responsibly is to form social circles. Facebook, Meetup, and other chat rooms are a good way to organize. Using the word only with people who use that gives you an advantage. Then, people won’t look at you strange as the n-word is used. I guess people don’t understand others since they don’t use it. The recommendation will be more effective because no one will get hurt. The conflict will lead to physical attacks with people you don’t know; yet using the word in a safe environment keeps you in control. Thus, I learned how the n-word can divide a nation for years. The vocabulary makes me think how educated a person is, yet I personally don’t trust people who use that word on a daily basis. In business I think that it is not more of a street thing, nor does it look professional. My point of view changed because I have a lot of associates that use the word in the forty years of my existence. Equally important, their usage of the word not once made me want to say it to be cool or acceptable in the black community. I personally don’t like the word yet never heard any one call me that frequently like my own name. I rarely see people use the n-word in a professional setting so why should I use it. The word should be banned since hip hop is licensed with skilled individuals to promote the music, for business and people. Yet individuals are free to do as they please because we live in America.

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