A Continuous Cycle: Atlantic Slave Trade and Black Panthers


Atlantic Slave Trade

During the Atlantic Slave Trade, Afrikans notably sold “a majority” of other captive Afrikans of neighboring ethnic groups. This (1) contributed to the exploitation of the “black” person, which has contributed significantly to modern-day racism and the racism, i.e. slavery and black genocide, that followed the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Also, by selling other black Afrikans to Europeans, Afrikans displayed that they had a lack of understanding of the psychology behind their actions and a narrow view or consideration of what would come result from their actions; By selling each other, Afrikans set up basically all black people to seen as inferior and as a element that needed to be controlled by white people.

Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party was started because African Americans were being harassed in the community that they lived. It expanded because Afrikan American s were being harassed and mistreated across the whole United States. The Black Panther Party helped establish community welfare and recreational programs to empower Afrikan Americans.

The FBI targeted the Black Panther Party as a extremist, terrorist group, but the FBI did little to nothing about the global racial violence that local white subjected Afrikan Americans to. The FBI coordinated with local police and orchestrated raids that resulted in the imprisonment and assassinations of many prominent members of the Black Panther Party and other groups of the Black Power Movement.

Afrikan Americans that were in legal trouble participated with local police and the FBI and agreed to help infiltrate Black Nationalist groups by pretending to be interested in joining their cause (which was to free blacks from the terrorism and deprivation they were subjected to by, mainly, white Americans). In cooperating, these informants would receive clemency for the crimes that they were charged with. This cooperation lead to the destruction of many Pro-Black Nationalist groups, the imprisonment of many notable Black leaders, and the deaths of many Afrikan liberation, freedom fighters.

This led to a continuation of the conditions that Afrikan Americans were subjected to, more internal destruction of the Black Community and black family, and most importantly the clemency of the individuals that helped corrupt and racist U.S. “law enforcement” (not just the FBI) infiltrate what they called “Black Extremists”. 

Today is much the same (or worse). I’ve been racially profiled by Afrikan Americans simply because I’m “black”. There are also the anti-black movements, such as the “Swirling” Movement. The Swirling Movement is a disgusting movement where mostly Black Women (1) boast about dating – and having sex and children – with non-Black men, mainly white men, and (2) claim things like “white men love them so much”.

Bottom line, Black people will continue to be exploited by other races that are unified as a race and subjugated to the control and treatment of propaganda that aims to maintain the black community as a limited influence in society.

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